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Clients Successes

Clients Successes

The greatest satisfaction I get as a trainer is seeing someone accomplishing their goals. Whether it is competing in a race, losing weight or overcoming an injury.  With over 20 years of personal training I have seen many clients achieve their goals. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Carla (age 70)
Tennis enthusiast and athlete. Carla successfully went through left knee replacement surgery. I did her post surgery and post rehab work. She even goes rock climbing now! I think its safe to say that she is completely recovered, and her tennis game is as good as ever.

Dawn (age 63)
Beat her previous time in the Accenture Triathlon Spring.  Has bench pressed 105 lbs.

Craig (age 59)
This guy has more energy than anyone you will ever meet. An avid tennis player and runner, Craig has also completed the Chicago Marathon and along with Dawn and I, we completed the Steelhead Triathlon Relay Race.

Naomi (age 70)
Naomi – Her tennis coach says thanks to her training she now has a forehand of “mass destruction.”

Kim (age 39)
Completed the Chicago marathon and Ohio marathon and is constantly participating in various runs throughout the year.

Neal (age 60)
Three years ago Neal completely shattered his left arm in a biking accident. Two steel rods, 15 plates and bone glue were needed to restructure his arm. He can now arm curl with 30 lbs. dumbbells and can easily do pushups; best of all all the support metal has been removed from his arm.

I’ve been working with Barry for about 15 years and he has always provided a great balance for my fitness interests: triathlons, boot camps, yoga, Masters swim programs.  I’ve been injured, had a few surgeries and even a kid.

Through all the fitness challenges, Barry has been irreplaceable.  I count on him to provide a compliment to my other workouts and craft a regime that will support my current fitness interest.  Barry comes to each session with a plan and when warranted, he can adjust “on the fly” to accommodate my needs.  There is no gym intimidation here: he’s personable and friendly, and he makes my fitness programs effective, approachable and fun.

– Dawn H.

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