Putting the Personal back into your Training

In Home Personal Training

Everyone has different objectives and needs; that is why your program is designed specifically for you to help you achieve your goals. Chicago Personal Training clientele covers everyone from busy executives to retirees and everyone in-between. Though everyone has different objectives, they all have one thing in common; achieving their goals.

From setting and accomplishing your goals, getting in-shape for that special skiing vacation, losing weight, improving your posture to having more energy to keeping up with your own children or the grand-kids; personal training can help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

Chicago Personal Training is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your core, improve your balance, build muscle or improve your tennis or golf game, Chicago Personal Training is your answer.

All programs start with a fitness evaluation. This becomes a roadmap for your fitness programs. “You are only as strong as your weakest link”, is how your exercise program is created. No matter what your goal, your routines will always be structured around any limitations found in your evaluation, and over time those weak links will no longer interfere with you achieving your health and fitness goals.

Private appointment times are scheduled at your convenience and at a location most accessible to you; at home, the gym, or the office. All training programs are designed individually for your specific needs.”

How Personal Training Helps
Chicago Personal Training customizes training programs for your specific needs.

  • No two people are exactly the same, why should your training program be like everyone else?
  • Exercise routines developed based on your specific abilities and goals.
  • Nutritional guidelines to help you maximize your results.
  • In-home programs designed to be used with your own exercise equipment.
  • Optional training studio available in the city.

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