Putting the Personal back into your Training

Older Adult Fitness Training

Quality of life is directly affected by our health and fitness levels. Taking time to exercise will help you participate in the
activities and events that are important to you. Imagine the possibilities from improving your health and fitness.

Before planning an individualized program, every client gets tested and evaluated to ensure the unique program created is designed for your specific needs and goals. For more information for training with various health and medical conditions, go to the Health Conditions Index Page. Any guidelines detailed by your personal physician or physical therapist recommendations will also be followed.

No two people have the same needs when it comes to training. Two people can be the same age, yet have completely different workout routines based on their medical and physical conditions as well as their own goals. I have clients in their 70’s doing push ups off the floor, arm curls with 30 pound dumbbells and hex bar squats; while others have exercise programs designed to improve their golf or tennis game, and others work to excel at balance, flexibility and fall prevention.

Whether you just decided to start exercising for the first time or have been an athlete all your life, personal training can help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner.
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