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Barry has been my trainer many years. As an eye surgeon, my hands are my life. Barry is always consciousness when designing my exercise programs to ensure the safety of my hands and my overall health; as he always says, it’s all about risk/reward. Barry is constantly changing and adjusting my programs based on my objectives and any obstacles that I may encounter, so that I can succeed with all my short and long term goals.

– Dr. A.

I’ve been working with Barry for about 15 years and he has always provided a great balance for my fitness interests: triathlons, boot camps, yoga, Masters Swim programs.  I’ve been injured, had a few surgeries and even a kid.

Through all the fitness challenges, Barry has been irreplaceable.  I count on him to provide a compliment to my other workouts and craft a regime that will support my current fitness interest.  Barry comes to each session with a plan and when warranted, he can adjust “on the fly” to accommodate my needs.  There is no gym intimidation here: he’s personable and friendly, and he makes fitness approachable and fun.

– Dawn H.

Barry keeps each training session interesting and varies the pattern from one session to the next.  And in each session, he concentrates on me and is always very carefully looking for any techniques that could cause injuries. I have watched him in the gym with his other clients. His focus is always on the person he is with. He is not distracted and not self-involved. He will always challenge you to do better and set your goals higher. And, his pleasant and kind nature makes each session enjoyable. I could not do him justice by writing this but I do hold him with the highest regard and respect. I highly recommend anyone interested in getting into shape or needs assistance after an injury to train with Barry. They will see the benefits.

– Martha G. (M.D.)

Barry has been my trainer for years. Two years ago I shattered my arm in a bike accident. Barry worked with my injury in a diligent and caring manner.  Less than two years later I can now arm curl 30 lbs. more than 15 times in a row.  My surgeon says my recovery has been miraculous. Barry and his strategic work in bringing back my strength and flexibility was key in my healing and surprising my surgeon with the progress I made and the functionality of my arm.

– Neal S.

I’ve run several marathons but I realized I was missing other dimensions of being physically fit, such as weight training and flexibility. Barry helped me set goals and achieve a higher level of fitness.

– Chris B.

I have only the highest praise for Barry and his style of personal training. Barry is personally engaging, highly committed to the needs of his clients and extremely knowledgeable about all areas of fitness. I am especially appreciative of his attentiveness to proper form and his ability to keep me challenged and motivated. He is tough when needed and yet knows when I need to take it down a notch, such as after an illness or injury. I have worked with a number of trainers over the years. Barry is by far the best!

– Carla L.

Twelve years ago, I attended a symposium on middle aged and older women’s health. A discussion about the value of weight training grabbed me. Realizing that I needed guidance and doubting I could be self-motivated, I sought referrals for a personal trainer. How fortunate that one of them led me to Barry!  It’s now been twelve<em> years since I’ve worked with Barry. I don’t think anyone else could have motivated me–and kept me committed–this long.  Barry requires that I set goals, probes about why I’ve set them, and then helps me get there. He is extremely knowledgeable, creative and flexible in arranging workouts that accomplish the task without becoming too routine. He really stays focused and is attentive to everything I’m doing. He’s always raising the bar and is confident that I can keep working harder.
Try him out–you’ll have no regrets!

– Naomi S.

I started working with Barry a few months after I retired at age 60.  He’s had unlimited patience and during the five years that we’ve been working together he has enabled me to be go on a number of hiking trips in the national parks wearing a backpack.  He has also helped me recover from three difficult surgeries, working under doctor’s orders and working with my physical therapists to speed the recoveries along. He always has an eye on the practical – how does any particular exercise he recommends help me live better from day to day, be it in gardening, travel, hiking, etc.  He also has an uncanny ability for recognizing where pain during exercising may be originating and modifying the exercise in a small way to allow me to continue without pain.

– Dave P.

It is hard to envision a trainer who would be better for me than Barry. Before I started training with Barry I thought that my exercise routine was fine. However, I’ve now learned that what I was doing on my own wasn’t very effective. Now I’m gaining more strength, adding more flexibility and also burning off some of the extra fat.  After just a few months working out with Barry my relatives couldn’t get over the improvement in my appearance, especially posture. And, he’s helped me get my weight down to where I want it.  I came to Barry with a herniated disc and he has worked with my physical therapist to tailor my program for what I should and should not be doing.  He’s so careful and so amazingly knowledgeable that I’m not likely to hurt myself under his direction. I can wholeheartedly recommend Barry.

– Marcia V.

Barry has been instrumental in my recovery from injuries on more than one occasion. He has the ability to identify what you CAN do instead of focusing on limitations. He has a knack for picking the right moment to begin the road to recovery by expanding exercise routines a little at a time. His knowledge of physiology and training help him accurately assess where you are and what you need to do next to get stronger and back to feeling like yourself.

– Katharine N.

Since our very first meeting, I have always felt that my needs were first and foremost to you. Time and time again you have proven me correct as we have worked together to adjust my program, keep me interested and keep things fun – all while achieving very good results!

– Deborah M.

Barry has been my personal trainer for fifteen years. His expertise and commitment to my total fitness is why I’ve stayed with him. He knows how to motivate, to challenge and to anticipate what I need. What has been most impressive to watch is how he has consistently improved his abilities while broadening his services to his clients. He continues to be my sole trainer and I expect to be working with him for many years to come.

– Craig S.

Simply put, Barry has taught me a more effective way of working out. He is a wonderful trainer.

– Carolyn H.

Barry has been my trainer for over ten years. He consistently works hard to make our routines varied and goal-specific. Because our workouts are modified as necessary for any physical issues I’m having, he has made it possible for me to continue a fitness routine by always “doing something” and has therefore definitely strengthened my workout habit. He is also well-informed about current health and fitness trends, and keeps his certifications and credentials up to date. Most importantly, he is fun to be around, and makes the “medicine” go down very easily.

– Leora R.

Barry brings a unique expertise to his training. He is able to adapt the knowledge and experience he has in fitness training and nutrition to the individual needs of the client.

– Kathy T.

I’ve been working out with Barry Broutman for almost a year, and my experience has been nothing less than fabulous. I wanted to work out with a personal trainer so I could lose weight, feel better and feel stronger. With Barry’s help, I’ve accomplished much more than I ever thought.

I’m constantly impressed with Barry’s professionalism and thorough understanding of not only weight training-but the complex psychological training that also takes place. I imagine it’s very difficult to adapt to so many different clients’ personalities and their individual needs-but Barry gets it.

Barry’s commitment to his career is evident as he continues to find new ways for his clients-and himself-to feel invigorated and grow. If life ever takes me away from Chicago, my standards for personal trainers are so high-I doubt I’ll ever find anyone as talented as Barry.

– Sarah A.

At our Wellness Series sponsored by the Medical Dept. of United Airlines, Barry discussed ways to minimize weight gain during the holidays. His approach, demeanor, and appearance were very professional. Barry effectively demonstrated a vast knowledge base about his subject. His presentation was very organized and motivating at a time of year that we all needed a lot of coaching! Specific and manageable fitness goals for the group were highlighted. Our employees were very pleased with the information they received, including the handouts. I would recommend Barry to anyone requesting his services.

– Pat B.
Medical Director
United Airlines

The speaker was energetic and jovial
Created an awareness to my bad habits
Very good presentation!

– Neal, Gerber and Eisenberg Law Firm

Great Program!
I thought the speaker was good and the audience involved. Barry was very knowledgable.

– Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw Law Firm



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