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Post Rehab

Post Rehab Personal Training

What you won’t find on this page? Exercises for post rehab. That’s because even though there are many exercises and training techniques you can do for recovering from various injuries or surgeries, learning proper exercise and lifting form, sticking to the guidelines and exercises planned out from your physical therapist and trainer for your post rehab should come only from them; not from a website page or video.

To feel fit, strong, and capable of achieving your goals as well as everyday tasks is why personal training is the key to your recovery. Designing exercise programs to your specific needs will help you create the fitness lifestyle you always wanted.

Many clients come to Chicago Personal Training with physical limitations due to recent surgical procedures, injuries or joint replacements. Whether you have a long term conditions such as cardiovascular restrictions or short term conditions, Chicago Personal Training customizes post rehab fitness program for your particular needs while working directly with the guidelines of your doctor and physical therapist.

To get started on your fitness program call 847-772-3487 or click on the link below to inquiry for more information.

“Barry has been my trainer for years. Two years ago I shattered my arm in a bike accident. Barry worked with my injury in a diligent and caring manner.  Less than two years later I can now arm curl 25 lbs. more than 15 times in a row.  My surgeon says my recovery has been miraculous. Barry and his strategic work in bringing back my strength and flexibility was key in my healing and surprising my surgeon with the progress I made and the functionality of my arm.” ~Neal S.

“Barry has been instrumental in my recovery from injuries on more than one occasion. He has the ability to identify what you CAN do instead of focusing on limitations. He has a knack for picking the right moment to begin the road to recovery by expanding exercise routines a little at a time. His knowledge of physiology and training help him accurately assess where you are and what you need to do next to get stronger and back to feeling like yourself.” ~ Katharine N.

“I started working with Barry a few months after I retired at age 60. He’s had unlimited patience and during the five years that we’ve been working together he has enabled me to be go on a number of hiking trips in the national parks wearing a backpack.  He has also helped me recover from three difficult surgeries, working under doctor’s orders and working with my physical therapists to speed the recoveries along.  He always has an eye on the practical – how does any particular exercise he recommends help me live better from day to day, be it in gardening, travel, hiking, etc.  He also has an uncanny ability for recognizing where pain during exercising may be originating and modifying the exercise in a small way to allow me to continue without pain.” ~Dave P.

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