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Anyone looking to enhance their athletic performance need look no further for personal training to improve their game. Programs are designed for your abilities and your specific sport.

For those who love to play sports, creating an exercise routine that improves your game and reduces the chance of injury requires exercise movements specific to your sport and body mechanics.

golf swing

Sometimes it’s just a matter of modifying a workout routine with specific core exercises for your game, or focusing on your balance and stabilization. Getting to a ball a second quicker in a tennis match or improving your golf game through core training or weak link training (I.e Rotor cuff muscles) can be achieved through athletic performance fitness training. Other aspects of personal training can focus on strength, flexibility and rotation can be customized for your fitness program.

Improving your body’s mechanics is a key part having personal training improve your abilities. Before beginning any new program all clients get tested for range of motion, strength, balance, posture and body mechanics. To improve your game, I look for weak links in the body. Weak links is where a person is deficient. This is not necessarily about strength, but how you move your body through rotation when hit a golf ball or tennis ball. Perhaps your knees fold inward when squat or you over-rotate your back when you swing a tennis racket because your front shoulders are tight.

These and other functional issues can be addressed and improved through a corrective exercise personal training program.

Sport specific training implements other fitness techniques like foam rolling to help inhibit certain muscle groups from activating and increases other muscles range of motion to increase your speed and power in certain sport specific movements to help develop your game.



Whether you enjoy golf, skiing or any other sport, personal training can help you improve your game through sport specific training. Balance exercises for stability and control. Weak link training to improve rotator cuffs, low back and ankle muscles. Active and PNF stretching techniques to improve your range of motion. Improve the game you love to play with mobility exercise routines designed specifically for you, your abilities and body mechanics.

An example of sport specific training is clock work lunges. Regular lunges just work the body in a single plane of motion. Clock work lunges has your body lunging at all different angles, as well as incorporating upper body rotation; just like in tennis.

Many of Chicago Personal Training’s clients love to hike, play tennis, basketball, golf and ski. They know that personal training not only helps them live the life they want, but participate and excel in the sports they love.