Goal Setting

Setting goals can be a blue print for victory or a design for failure. Taking the time to setup all aspects of your weight loss program can payoff with you accomplishing your goal and is imperative for long term success.
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Tips For Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight everyone has their own techniques and tricks that work for them. Here is a quick list of a few tried and true basics that you may find helpful to achieve your goal.
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Food Diary

Keeping a food diary is the single most important thing you can do to help you accomplish your goal! It is also the least favorite thing most people like to do. The good news is there are many unique ways to track your food.
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senior exercising


There is more to losing weight than the scale. Having your arms and shoulders looking good is more of an issue of strength training then weight loss. Exercise will also help with losing body fat and give you the shape that you want.
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The key to successful weight loss is asking the right question. Why do I want to lose weight? What you do with your weight loss is the real goal. Figuring out why you want to lose weight will have long term benefits for keeping off the weight
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There are many devices out there to help you measure your results. Fitbits, Heart Rate Monitors, Body Fat scales, Odometers, it is a long list. How we choose to measure our successes is just as important as the goals we set for ourselves.
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