Bursitis and Exercise Guidelines

Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa sac. Bursa sacs can be found by the joints throughout the body. The job of the bursa sac is to lubricate the area where tendons and bones come in contact and supply a fluid to avoid friction when the tendon slides over the bone.
When the bursa sac becomes irritated due to injury or repetitive movement, this is known as bursitis.

Depending on the location of your bursitis (hip, knee, shoulder) may dictate different exercise guidelines.
Resting the affected area may be helpful

Be careful with the amount of resistant used in an affect area

Icing after exercise can be helpful

Don’t start any exercise program until you talk to your doctor. Exercises that may be good for one person may not be right for you.

Decrease pain in everyday activities

Improve range of motion through stretching

Improve posture (specifically for shoulder bursitis)

weight loss

Light range of motion exercises
Swimming, walking or exercising in the water
Light cardio exercise whose motion does not irritate the hip area

Lying Lateral Leg Raises
Lying leg circles
Straight leg raises
Wall squats with a ball between the knees
Hip Extension while laying on your stomach
Piriformis stretch
ITB band stretch

For Shoulder Bursitis

Improve posture – Work on standing tall with shoulders back all day
Scapular Retraction
Lateral Raises
External Rotation