Putting the Personal back into your Training

From personal training to information on various health conditions and their exercise guidelines, you have come to the right place. No two people are exactly the same, why should your fitness program be like everyone else? Programs are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. Private appointments available at your home, office or at a private training facility.

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Personal Training Strength

Personal Training

Chicago Personal Training can help get you into the best shape of your life. Designing workout programs that strengthen your core, improve your balance, lose weight, improve your posture or get you ready for that next ski or golf vacation; we can help you accomplish your goals.  Read more

Balance exercises

Balance & Fall Prevention

The ability to balance is the foundation of any well designed exercise program and is a critical part of injury prevention. Discover how improving your balance can reduce the chances of falling can increase your quality of life and improve any sport you play.  Read more

Core and Balance

Older Adult Training

Anyone over fifty will tell you the challenges of staying in shape are very different then when you were in your twenties or thirties. The long term value of staying healthy as you get older has a direct relationship to the quality of your life over the next 20-30 years. Read more

Post Rehab Training

Whether you have a long or short term condition, Chicago Personal Training customizes post rehab fitness program for your particular needs while working directly with the guidelines of your doctor and physical therapist.. 
Read more


Sport Specific Training

For those who love to play sports, creating an exercise routine that improves your game and reduces the chance of injury requires exercise movements specific to your sport and body mechanics. Whether you enjoy playing tennis, golf, skiing or any other sport, personal training can help you improve your game Read more

weight loss

Weight Loss

A well rounded nutritional program will have you reducing calories and tracking what you eat. That is the basics; but there is much more to weight loss than just calories. Incorporating the proper type of exercise can also improve losing more body fat. Read more

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ACE Certification

CES Certification

IDEA Certification

NSCA Certification

NASM Certification

Healthy Moms Certification

Senior Fitness Specialist

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