Weight loss

Do Diets Really Work?

Weight Loss

Losing weight at it’s basics is calories in versus calories out. While calories in is simply based on your caloric intake, your caloric outtake is affected by numerous factors; exercise intensity, your metabolic rate, hydration and other factors.
Two of the most effective weight loss programs and overall health improvement are the Dash Diet and Mediterranean diet. The key to successful results (for any program), is your approach to your diet.

The word diet is not a bad word, in fact like most things in life it is your approach and attitude that has the greatest impact on your success. When you decide to do a diet you are basically agreeing to a structure program and ongoing discipline it takes to do on a daily basis.

As you go though your program take note of the all the little things you do at the beginning of your program. Prepping your food up ahead of time, scheduling your exercise time in your daily planner, weighing your food, tracking your portions, etc. Overtime these little things that you did at the beginning of your diet (and when you probably had your most success) start falling off your radar.

Whatever your weight loss is, the approach you take long-term has a direct effect on the success of your program.