I enjoy watching television when I’m working out in my house. The fast forward button is my favorite feature on the remote control; anything to get past most commercials. Commercials used to be thirty to sixty second segments, now the commercials have become infomercials and are the show themselves.
A commercial is designed to do one thing, and one thing only; sell a product or an idea. After watching these infomercials over time I came to realize how imperfect, inadequate, uninteresting, nutritionally lacking, physically unchallenged and socially destitute my life was; or so they told me.

While watching one particular infomercial I found out how all my years of studying and hard work could be replaced with just 4 DVD’s, a 60 day bottle of pills (plus shipping and handling). One thing all infomercials seem to have in common are three little words found at the bottom corner of the screen; “Results Not Typical.” So why would anyone buy a product where success in not the norm?
These “shows” prey on our emotions and convey a high level of urgency. Before and after testimonials reveal stunning success and convince us that we too can be transformed.

If I sat and watch all the inspirational stories on TV and wished myself into good health and fitness I would never achieve my fitness goals. It’s impossible to do sitting motionless. Edison once said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, the same can be said about health and fitness goals. Achieving your aspirations takes work, lots of work. But if someone made an infomercial about you, and all the time and effort that was dedicated to being successful, at the bottom of the screen the three little words would say “Results Are Typical,” and that is a product I would buy!